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latex for sale on eBay

I'm downsizing my collection by about half. Sizes L-XL, either brand new or very gently worn. I'll list some more items tomorrow.

walk this way
I don't know if anybody still looks at this journal, but in case you do: 

I'm moving May 31st, and need to part with my bed and my bookcase.

Check under the cut for details/particulars: 

Information + the craigslist linkCollapse )

2 Tickets to see Demetri Martin

The show is Jan.12 at 7:30pm at Place-des-Arts.

I paid $95 for them after taxes and service charges, but I'd be happy to sell them for $75.

The seats are in the balcony, row E.


Hi there!

I am selling most of my things that I have either been gifted (and worn a couple times) or thrifted and no longer have use for anymore. I have a large array of shoes, boots, sweaters and dresses -not to mention accessories! 

I'm sure there is something lovely in here for anyone of you's! Feel free to take a look around and don't hesitate if you have any questions!

Happy shopping!

(it will be updated with new/more things regularly, so keep an eye out!)